Adina Lupan:
Reading through 
the lines

Adina Lupan,a visual artist from Romania, is conquering the international market. Through her art she sends deep messages that touch hearts. Art Gallery 5’14 shares her creative process and her story.

- Tell us a bit about the beginning of your career as an artist. How did you discover your love of art? 
Since childhood, I liked to draw things around me. Looking back then, I think it was indeed the sixth sense which helped me discover the world.
- What does being an artist mean to you? 
- For me, it means seeing the world with my own eyes, it means ‘reading through the lines’ in some sort. It’s an endless and enriching experience, as imagination never lets me down. Nevertheless, being a true artist – which I am not - means much more than an ultrasound to the soul: an artist should always bring influence, and a meaning to the world. Being just ‘original’, for the sake of breaking the old rules, is not enough.

 - You like to paint children. How are children, the way they see the world, important to your work?
- Children are the best version of ourselves. They are curious, creative, innocent, they are closer to the heaven which we all wear inside. They are a mystery, as they represent the curiosity, the phenomenal ‘‘engine of creativity’’ for our civilisation.

 - Your artworks have always a deep messages (time, freedom, roots, memory …). Where are you finding ideas for your work?
- It all comes from deep inside, I don’t know where from. It always surprises me what my mind creates. That’s what is makes it so fascinating. It’s more than self awareness, it’s an exploration of the memory of this world, as Jung saw it. It’s always interesting to uncover and resonate with the emotions and dreams of who knows, lost civilisations perhaps.

 - Where do you create? What is your daily routine when working? 
- I create in my home, and I share my ideas with my husband, who is a well known and more experienced artist. We are completing and enriching each other.

 - What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?
- Of course, besides easel, canvas, colors and the wooden stick, when I am working, I need peace and relaxing music. And my family encouragements, of course.

 - Why did you choose oil painting as your method of communicating ideas? Is this simply an aesthetic practice or something deeper?
- Oils allow me to play well with the shades, with the hues. If well used, oils brings life to the painting.

 - What is the hardest part of creating a painting?
- The concept, the design, choosing between various ideas but also the execution, it takes weeks.

 - How do you know when a work is finished?
- It's difficult to say. When I feel that I can't add something without harming - but this is very difficult.

 - What is the biggest challenge you face professionally?
- The lack of time and energy. The idea of not progressing anymore frightens me. The idea that I've done my best.
- What do you like most about the job?
- I like the fact that it's always provoking. It pushes me to improve myself. Also, that it brings me an escape from reality and in the same time, it gives me the will to make the world a better place. Hoping that my message will touch some hearts, and return to humanity in an - oh, so robotic, digital world. Observing how much people become selfish when they take distance from nature, I wish to bring playfullness emotion, to wake up that innate empathy in everyone. An utopia, but a beautiful one!

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Original painting The great passage by Adina Lupan
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Original painting Fight for your love by Adina Lupan
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