Iztok Retar:
I tell the story
of the wind,
the sun and the sea

Iztok Retar is a contemporary painter based in Slovenia. An abstract at heart, Retar focuses on color to evoke feelings from his work. We caught up with Iztok Retar to learn more about his art, themes he's inspired by and what he's got planned next.

How to choose
the right frame
for your

Selecting a frame is not just about choosing a colour and a material. It is all about your own personal style.

How to make
your art studio
a safe and healthy

Mostof the artists who work professionally spend majority of their working hours in their studios, surrounded by the supplies they need to create, and work on their art. Some of these supplies can be toxic or even harmful to your health. 

Leonard Rubins: 
my artworks
contain ethereal
light as a
redemptive symbol

Slovenian-basedartist Leonard Rubins creates an imaginary and fantastic world, with great power and meaning. Art Gallery 5'14 met the artist and we discussed the concept of the subconscious, the divine and the human, and the ancient laws of nature and cosmos.


Whenit comes to deciding what decor you need for your hotel, art is usually the first thing that comes to mind, the reason being that visitors to your hotel will look around immediately they walk in and apart from the furniture, the artwork decor, be it sculptures or wall hangings will speak volumes about the tastes of the hotel.

art market
of today

Artis being sold everywhere all the time, fine art has proved to be stubbornly resistant to the seemingly overwhelming influence of e-commerce. As a result, the online art market had been underdeveloped for years.

Marina Emphietzi: 
Through painting
I channel
life experiences

Sheis a visual artist famous for her seascapes, for her endless energy, for her projects she takes on and working to find ways to promote emerging artists. In her art she talks about time, life, and memory representing waves, boats, sea, marinas. Art Gallery 5'14 is pleased to introduce you to Marina Emphietzi.

How to
meet people
in the art industry

Creativepeople are some of the most valuable assets in business today. They drive main projects and come up with amazing ideas. It is important to find and network with people who are creative like you are, It’s a great way to learn and find inspiration.

Seungyong Chang: 
About Modigliani,
his life, his art,
his passion 

Thisyear marks the 100th anniversary of death of Modigliani, an Italian painter and sculptor, famous for his portraits and nudes, asymmetric compositions and elongated figures. Art Gallery 5'14 had a chance to talk about Modigliani with Seungyong Chang, a president of Modigliani Institute Korea, who is dedicated to studying the life of great artist  for decades.

Karis Kim:
If I have artistic
talent, it’s not
my own,
it’s God’s blessing

Abstractpainter Karis Kim’s works are full of expressive lines and brushstrokes. The South Korean artist creates all the colors herself and brings them into her paintings. Art Gallery 5'14 invites you to read her story and discover her paintings.

Pop Art

Pop Artstarted in the 1950s and became very popular in the 1960s, this was after the war and people were feeling more liberated and opinionated in what they had to say.

Vanjo Grobljar:
Some people wept
when they saw
my photos

Heis a Slovenian photographer that captures stories about women, the lives they live and their experiences. Art Gallery 5’14 presents Vanjo Grobljar and his photo stories that inspired him to believe in himself again. Stories that will surely inspire you too.

Art created
the pandemic

COVID-19 has left its mark on 2020 for numerous reasons: some unpleasant and others peculiar. Among the least distressing cases, there are ones related to productivity. In the workplace, for example, there has been an unquestionable slowdown, while in artistic productivity something never seen before has taken place: an excess.

How to overcome
artist block

Sometimesfinding inspiration is hard. Any creative person has a time when the ideas seem to run dry, and art inspiration becomes sorely lacking. It’s a common dilemma that links all of the creative fields together and plagues every artist.

Of Projects, 
Slovenia and 
an interview with
Romeo Strakl 

In what ways
does art
our everyday life?

Arthas a big influence on our society. It gives us an opinion, it puts values in situations we never knew existed, it translates experiences across different cultures. Art embraces all ideas, it is not just about the paintings or photos. It is about the things we hear and how we feel. 

How to read
a portrait

Gulcin Tok: 
I am sending 
with my paintings

Shetells stories about women and she does it using brush, canvas and colors. Art Gallery 5'14 represents a visual artist Gulcin Tok, who knows the world of women better than most people.

Art Therapy:
An expression
of the soul 

Myway of expressing myself is through visual arts. Because of this, a few months ago I decided to dump my pain in images to try to heal. 

and its influence
on art and
society today 

Bauhauswas a school that was founded by Walter Gropius. It was a school that taught various disciplines including architecture, art, crafts, and even movement in the form of dance. 

Adina Lupan:
Reading through 
the lines

Adina Lupan,a visual artist from Romania, is conquering the international market. Through her art she sends deep messages that touch hearts. Art Gallery 5’14 shares her creative process and her story.

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