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Get Professional 
Constructive Critique 
On Your Artwork

If you are looking to approach art collectors with your artwork, prepare an exhibition or create an art catalogue, in-depth critique is the key.

Art Gallery 5'14 is pleased to offer the ART CRITIQUE Service for amateur and established artists.

Reviews of any genres and media of art

We work with all genres and media: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, prints, digital art and new media.

Professional and constructive review

Your artwork will be constructively critiqued by professionals in the art market today with degrees in Fine Arts, Philosophy and Art History, experienced in critiquing many genres of contemporary art.

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Simply send us up to five images, pay the fee and get a written response within five business days.

Fees for the service:

- 150 words: 15 EUR
- 250 words: 25 EUR
- 350 words: 35 EUR

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additional information please contact us at:


Some examples ...


...The relationship between figure and background are well distinguished, we can see the areas that have been worked on
and all the work maintains a discursive thread.
The main element is easily distinguishable,
as it’s the natural outcome of their work since
the start. Thanks to said central element we
can clearly see their style metamorphosize,
a change in which the heterogeneous smudges from
the first pieces of work gradually lead to more
concentrated and loud lines that resemble cracks
in a pane of glass; a sort of Franz Kline but
with thinner and more concentrated strokes in a
specific part of the canvas…


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